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Asked February 8, 2011

Where can I find Macy's closeouts and customer returns?

I am looking to find Macy's closeouts and box jewelry. Some supplier sources would be helpful.

Hello Monica,

That's a great question that we are very well qualified to answer. Getting to the bottom of who the real suppliers and are not can be tricky.

We'll make this one very simple.

Via Trading is a large wholesaler in Southern Ca who has plenty of what you are looking for. You can visit their web site at

Good luck and thanks for stopping by~


Answered 1701 days ago

DNC Wholesale Distributor is a company that specializes in the sale of wholesale liquidation merchandise, serving thousands of customers in the U.S. and worldwide. We have an extensive list of products on sale, providing individuals and cor
porations the opportunity to purchase multiple products for a fraction of their original value.

We work with clothing and personal accessories lots, obtained in large quantities from existing major department stores in the United States. Feel free to visit us at:


Answered 1085 days ago

contact me i get them all the time.

Answered 600 days ago

welcome to website  is: ,they offer all kinds of grade AAA product,such as jewelry , jersey ,shoes,handbag,clothes, here with wholesale price! Our product have some advantages as following:

 1) Grade AAA product !

 2) The wholesale price!

3)100% safe, the best delivery terms!

 4) No mini order here!

5) The best service!

Answered 501 days ago

A lot of sites offers Macys overstock but mainly sell in pallets or truckloads. But there is a site that does smaller more reasonable lots.


Answered 334 days ago

Bella Anya has some smaller lots - mostly focused on higher end designer brands:  or contact me through messaging.

Currently we can do KUT from the Kloth Jeans and See Through Soul (STS) jeans.

Answered 298 days ago

Hello Monica,

Unlike most closeout companies I will drop ship any Macy's offerings delivered to you directly from Macy's warehouses.  I am a broker and I do not breakdown their lots for resale. My service assures that your choices are not "cherry picked" or touched by anybody but you. I have had a direct buying contract with Macy's/Bloomindales since 2008.
Through my consultation serviceprocess I first assist my clientele in establishing their criteria for desiredmerchandise size, price range and content. From there, daily, I actively search new lotofferings and send the appropriate fully manifested offerings for my clientsreview. Upon acceptance of any desired lots I arrange the purchase and shippingdirect from the liquidation source to my clients. 

You can reach me at

Ben Maes






Answered 132 days ago

Please visit us online via our website for more details on this stock offer as well as many other brand name items available for sale. Your will need to create a buyers account to gain access. Or you can email to us directly at

Answered 112 days ago

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