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Company - The Kosher Comfy Diaper
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New “Kosher Diapers” fastened with Velcro is hailed as ideal solution to avoid Fear of violating the Sabbath.

The use of pampers on Shabbos and Yom Tov has always been a cause of grave concern for violating the Sabbath when opening and closing the adhesive tapes.

Currently there is an innovative new development in the world of diapers that eliminates any and all problems of violating the Sabbath. Namely, “Kosher Diapers” which is secured by velcro fasteners instead of adhesive tape. With the Velcro fasteners there is no Fear, whatsoever – not when opening and not when closing the strips.
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Company Name: - The Kosher Comfy Diaper
United States
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683 Bedford Ave, 718-342-7377
Brooklyn, NY 11206