Self Defense Supply
Self Defense Supply
1819 Firman Dr #101
Richardson, TX 75081
United States

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There is nothing like being a dealer of SELF DEFENSE SUPPLY. We are at the forefront of an Industry that is growing daily and constantly puts money in our Members pockets. Today is the first day in a new business venture that can change your current lifestyle.

Our goal is to bring you the best, most desirable merchandise at the best prices to help you succeed. We want your business to grow and make money. We will always attempt to meet or beat competitors prices on the same item and quality.

Dear Friend,

Take a look at what's new. Remember, the market is driven by new products. Your customers are on the prowl for new stuff. For more than 13 years we?have been helping thousands of companies like yours make extraordinary profits by selling NEW self defense products.

We're not just here to sell you something. We actually spend a lot of time,?effort and manpower to find the best products which will drive more money?into your pocket. We also give you marketing signs, sales tips and more?designed to help you sell more and make more. Our staff has years of?experience selling at flea markets, guns shows, web store supply, and retail?stores so we know what it takes to make a business go. Several of our?staff have marketing degrees. Bottom line: Dealing with us stacks the?success curve in your favor.

You'll save time and money and get all your best sellers with one phone call. If you wanted to start an account with Kershaw, United, Gerber. Smith and Wesson, and all of our many other brand name items, you would have to apply to all of them, meet their high initial order requirements, and jump through all other kinds of hoops. Then, even if you needed only a few items, you would have to meet their high re-order amount requirement. Plus you'd have shipping to pay on all those shipments and all that tracking to keep up with. Doesn't it make more sense to pick up the phone and make just one phone call to Self Defense Supply for all your needs. You'll get all your merchandise packed right and shipped out fast because we know you need it now.

You'll get products available no where else! Self Defense Supply also owns Avenger Blowguns and is the largest manufacturer of blowguns in the world so we know how to do it right. That's why our blowguns carry a lifetime guarantee. Crime Halter Pepper Spray plus Stunzilla, Panther, and Black Cobra Stun Guns make their home here as well. You also will find many, many?more totally unique products here and only here to offer your clients and new products are arriving all the time. What a joy it will be making money easily and abundantly when you are not our there battling it out with the giant "MARTS"

Best wishes for your business success!

Dana Ellington

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Self Defense Supply
United States
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1819 Firman Dr #101
Richardson, TX 75081
Dana Ellington
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  • Manufacturer
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  • Self Defense Supply
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11 - 50