Souq Albadu
Bulq Wholesale Cases and Pallets
Souq Albadu
Jalan Energi 1 No. 2
Ampenan Lombok, NB
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About us
- Service (find product, real supplier, and free information about Indonesia)

- Trade agent (buy and sell Indonesia product)

- Representative of Lombok supplier


Souqalbadu Authentic certificate

- 3 Year Alibaba Gold Supplier

- Ministry of Trade

- Ministry of Industry

- Certificate from Mayor Mataram City

- Paypal money transfer


Products that we have trade

- Agribusiness / Agro Business

- Land For Sale

- Agarwood / Oud / Eaglewood

- Agarwood Oil / Dehn el oud / Duhnul Oudh

- Bakhuur / Bakhoor / Incense / Incense product

- Gum Benjamin

- Pearl

- Shawl

- Sandalwood (oil, powder, chips, log, ornament)


Commercial spices, herbs, fragrance, incense specialist

Agriculture Exporter wholesale and retails

Catch the GOALS together, Souqalbadu your MEDIA to Explore Indonesia
Basic Information
Company Name:
Souq Albadu
Registered Address:
Jalan Energi 1 No. 2
Ampenan Lombok, NB