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Company Name: Jean Jacket Clothing
Member Type: Verified Supplier (Since 2016)
Country: United States
Business Type: Manufacturer  -  Wholesaler
Qualifications: Verified Supplier

Off Price Booth Number: 3230 Tasha Apparel has been in business since 2001. We specialize in wholesale apparel to accommodate your needs to the everyday fashion and to meet the everyday style. Our styles arrange from Cute and Sexy all the way to Trendy an ...

Member Type: Verified Supplier (Since 2007)
Country: United States
Business Type: Manufacturer  -  Wholesaler  -  Reseller
Qualifications: Verified Supplier

The Best OffPrice and Closeout Fashion Merchandise On the Net! OffPriceFashion.Com is a leading wholesale clothing wholesaler, distributor and marketer of Men, Women and Children's s Clothing. We offer the latest fashions at the Lowest Wholesale Clothes p ...

Member Type: Verified Supplier (Since 2010)
Country: United States
Business Type: Wholesaler
Qualifications: Verified Supplier

Ella Cathy is located in the heart of Lalaland, and we manufacture the latest junior & contemporary styles. We are always striving to become your one-stop showroom for all your buying needs, so you can depend on our styles to be constantly updated, develo ...

Member Type: Free Member (Since 2012)
Country: United States
Business Type: Manufacturer  -  Wholesaler  -  Buying Office
Qualifications: Free Member

Reseller of women's clothes

Company Name: Junior Epic Fashion
Member Type: Free Member (Since 2011)
Country: United States
Business Type: Reseller
Qualifications: Free Member

Retailers across the country are feeling the pinch of the economy, with more household facing tightening budgets. Consumers are making significant changes to their buying habits, cutting out any purchases that qualify as luxuries, even if they may once ha ...

Company Name: SP Clothing
Member Type: Free Member (Since 2006)
Country: United States
Business Type: Wholesaler  -  Reseller
Qualifications: Free Member

For the past 8 years we have been a supplier of dresses, trousers, pants, blouses and different fashion trend of some of the big fashion store. We create our own designs, and if the buyer/s requested to copy the style they want, we assure that we'll copy ...

Company Name: culturetops clothing
Member Type: Free Member (Since 2014)
Country: Philippines
Business Type: Manufacturer
Qualifications: Free Member

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