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Asked August 18, 2012

anybody have done business with

I am also interest in this company. I can not find the listing in US database. 

Answered 2529 days ago

Some of the specs does not match. 

Answered 2529 days ago

he sent me his certificates that he is authorized to sell apple products and that they are all real and not fake . have you bought off him?

Answered 2524 days ago

The first time I became interested in this company was a few weeks ago. I asked him to send me proof that they are a legit company. He sent me a Certificate from Apple and it seemed legit. But then I told him I wanted to buy phones from him and he said that they use Escrow, which is a brilliant company and is highly reputable. So I asked him to send me a link to where I should make the purchase. He sent me a link to a website that wasn't even close to and I asked him what this was. He said that it was a company that was "affiliated" with Escrow and that they used Escrow services, but the thing is, Escrow DOES NOT affiliate itself with any company and DOES NOT provide their services through any company other than themselves. So that right there was a red flag for a scam and I did not buy from them.
Beware. This guy is a scammer. I told toptenwholesale to remove him and they did, but he just made another account. This guy provides you with a false website that looks legit but is completely fake.

Answered 2521 days ago

They are cheaters. You cannot get goods after u paid. The email address of them is, and website of them is Be careful.

Answered 2505 days ago

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Answered 271 days ago

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