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Asked May 14, 2019

Are there any stuff that can relieve my constant stress?

The only good thing, that helped me and my husband to get rid of stress and mental trauma - is cannabis oil. If you ever tried - you know what I'm talking about.

Answered 104 days ago

It depends on your level of stress. Maybe as mentioned before - cannabis is really the best choice for mental disorders. A friend of mine tried it when he had one.

Answered 104 days ago

When my father has seen a murder - he needed to heal that mental shock, and the only thing that doctor could offer - is to buy cbd oil, from a company that sells a lot of high-quality stuff, and gives you lowest prices for it. After few months - he feels much better. Alcohol couldn't help him, but cannabis did for sure.

Answered 104 days ago

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Answered 103 days ago

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Answered 98 days ago

I had your same problem, stress and anxiety could be a real pain... I remember that reading The Relaxation and Stress Reduction by Elizabeth Robbins helped me a lot, you can find it here  Stress Reduction by Elizabeth Robbins 

Answered 97 days ago

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