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Asked September 30, 2010

Do all dropshippers charge fees?

What is the standard practice for dropshipping? Do I need to factor in that suppliers will charge fees for any products they dropship for me?

Kole Imports' dropship program makes available all of Kole Imports' 6000+ products in an easy to manipulate product feed. 

You can find our Product Feed at

There is no minimum dollar amount for an order, as long as a minimum pack is ordered. 

The prices shown on the feed are the complete pricing.  No dropship fees or shipping surcharges.  Shipping is billed directly onto the Reseller's shipping account, so it is a true shipping cost. 

Happy dropshipping!

Answered 2725 days ago


No, they do not.  Here are a few you can look at:

Via Trading
Kole Imports

Start with those two; come back and let us know what you think.

Happy Wholesaling


Answered 2726 days ago

Not all dropshippers charge fees. In fact, if you're just starting out, you might want to look for suppliers that specifically do not charge fees. The more fees you have to pay out of pocket before you start to built your capital, the less money you will be making initially.

Via Trading does not charge any fees for dropshipping. Check out our website and our dropshipping page for information on how we work.

Answered 2725 days ago

Both Via Trading and Kole Imports make very good points. One of the key aspects to running a successful business dropshipping is product diversification. THere is no limit to the amount of products one can sell, list on ebay, or represent. Forming relationships with reputable suppliers who can give you access to popular and profitable wholesale products will give You a huge edge on those using a run of the mill dropship program.

If you're reading this thread, you are off to a great start with 2 of the most reputable businesses out there!

Happy Wholesaling,


Answered 2725 days ago

There are many different products you can dropship. Before you start dropshipping you must make Market research - this is the best way for you to succeed.

Spend some time in researching. Finding a product that most manufacturers drop ship doesn't mean that there is a viable market for it. Start your own wholesale dropshipping business by spotlighting few products. Pick a niche you want to work with.

If your dropshipper is truly reliable and reputable supplier, your products cost will be as low as if you have purchased merchandise to a brick and stone store.
In cases like I will pay a one time fee to buy the virtual products catalog.

Read more about our program at:


Answered 2674 days ago

Do all dropshippers charge fees, umm yes all of these do as shared at site too. This is why I prefer to not order anything internationally, it costs more than you can expect. 

Answered 156 days ago

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