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Asked December 24, 2010

Forming a content strategy on a wholesale website....

What is the best way to go about forming a content strategy for wholesalers and manufacturers?


TopTenWholesale published an article in December, “Website Content Strategies for Wholesalers and Retailers”

This gives you a strategy for content that’s focused on the consumer search part of the buying cycle.


We also published a content strategy for creating email and marketing content that you might find interesting:

Creating Email and Marketing Content that Sells


Hope this helps.

Claudia Bruemmer


Answered 3203 days ago

"Nevertheless, for any kind of copy—email marketing is not an exception—telling a story is a very important factors because, not only does it keep the client from reading your texts, it makes it easier for them to understand what you have to say. Having a story means having a plot that thickens and intensifies as it goes on. Make sure to have your readers compelled through suspense or a gripping problem. This way, they will hang on until you reveal the conclusion. In addition, language is important so effective copywriting is a need that you should not forget to attend to."

I hope this makes things easier for you.
You can learn more things here and here.
Enjoy selling! :)


Answered 3194 days ago

nice one

Answered 813 days ago

Mass content is a good thing for SEO.
But you have to build a scheme of how your pages will connect with the others ones.
And it's good thing to use tools to verify the semantic match of your text with the keyword targeted. 
To finish : some backlinks for each page created (you dont have to optimize anchors, URL anchors are great for mass content)  

Answered 784 days ago

Great Insights... Thanks for a Great Work.

Answered 390 days ago

I thought I could know about the content strategy from here printer printing blank pages. But you haven't mention anything about it. Try to add some points or information about it. update your blog. 

Answered 82 days ago

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