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Asked November 4, 2012

Hello, We would like to start a monthly trading of iPhone 5 with Meganova Gmbh (as a buyer). Weve seen your answer about them, why i's it a fraud?

What happened to you with Meganova GMBH to say that is a fraud?

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I bought $5,800.00 in merchandise that never got to my hands. After sending the money, they started playing with me about the color of the items, availability, etc... Then they gave me a tracking number for a fictitious shipping company in England that is all over the internet as a SCAM.

Answered 2205 days ago

Yes it was @frankmarmol who have shared his unfortunate experience with Meganova. You may contact him directly for further questions.

The company is registered for free membership at While we do our best to screen businesses who apply for listing, we could only give the highest recommendation to companies with have Premium Membership (Supplier Pass) as they have undergone the strictest verification processes via a third party.

The Meganova website seems to have a high trust rating but I can't seem to find either good or bad customer feedback about them online. I suggest you follow traditional methods of international trading before realizing any financial transaction with Meganova or any company, such as: 

1) obtaining prior company confirmation by phone, fax, or mail; and
2) cross-checking done through banks, chambers of commerce, and trade associations.

You are free to search our sourcing section for verified suppliers that may be able to meet your sourcing needs. Keep in touch.


Answered 2205 days ago

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