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Asked September 13, 2019

How can get Internet on iPhone without WiFi?

Hello friends,
Connect an iPhone to the Internet without Wi-Fi-
1- Wi-Fi is turned off in the Wi-Fi settings within the iPhone Settings.
2- Locate the Settings on the iPhone.
3- Cellular options are accessed from the main Settings menu.
4- Safari must be turned on in the Cellular options.
5- Turning Airplane Mode on disconnects cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.
For more info-
Netgear Orbi Setup
Orbi Support
Netgear Orbi Support

Thank You

Answered 4 days ago

If you want an internet connection on your phone without using WiFi, try to use these methods. Mobile Hotspot, ether Your Smartphone or Tablet, find Public Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi USB Dongle, Share Someone's Internet. go to this website These are methods to get interconnection to your iPhone.

Answered 4 hours ago

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