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Asked December 8, 2010

How can I get better results with my pay per click campaigns without overspending?


Getting good results with pay-per-click campaigns depends on a number of factors. First, you need to learn the art and science of writing effective ads. Then you need to test your ads to pick the best performers in the ad groups in your campaign. Last but not least, you need a good analytics program to monitor results and fine-tuning your campaign. It takes time plus trial and error to find what works best.

The article, Top Ten Wholesale Tips for Writing Pay-per-Click Ads can give you information on writing effective ads. 

by Claudieb


Answered 3122 days ago

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Answered 3110 days ago

Pay per click is a way in which a website hopes to increase traffic and sales by advertising to publishers, search engines, and other well-known sites. So how does it work? Let’s start with a search query in one of the engines wherein a user enters keywords about things he or she would want to know. If you have a pay per click agreement with the search engine, an advertisement shall be seen right at the search engine results pages (SERPs), exposing your online store to the visitors immediately.

You can also have a contract with other sites that rank high in SERPs. In this process, your partner website shall have an advertisement flashed in their webpages. These materials—be it photos or flash animations—must bring the user to your online shop once it is clicked. These are called sponsored links or sponsored ads. One good thing about pay per click is that you, as an advertiser, shall never get to pay the publishers if the links from their sites do not deliver visitors to your online store. The same goes with search engine partnerships.

Another form of pay per click is through bidding. In this process, publishers announce a private auction in order to know how much each advertiser is willing to pay for an ad placement. An amazing thing about sponsored links and ads is that these links only appear if the user query is related to them so it is really hard to call them spamming.


Answered 3086 days ago

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