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Asked August 15, 2016

How find person who knows wholesale companies to introduce my goods.

Dear Jonathan
My name Leon came from China and looking for silver and alloy companies who need my goods from different factories(,samples i brought in NY). ,actuelly i,m looking for person who can help me.Maybe you know somebody familiar with it,of course service will be not for free.
Thanks for advice.

There are many ways to that you can either approach a good renowned company or you can market it your self by using digital platforms because like many people i am also doing it, you can upload your goods on many buying selling platforms but for that you need to have a good reliable internet speed like i switched to u verse internet and have been doing it quite well

Answered 831 days ago

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Answered 1217 days ago

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Answered 703 days ago

I think it is pretty much easy to find these middlemen who can meet you up with the companies that use silver and alloys as their resources to produce the products. Even though the basic idea of these platforms is to avoid these middlemen, I am sure you can find someone here.

Answered 701 days ago

I don’t think it is really a complex problem. I guess it is much easy than you thinking. You need silver and alloy so try the manufacturer first sculptra los angeles . If you have a productive first contact with a wholesale supplier. Try to search wholesalers on Google.

Answered 579 days ago

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Answered 266 days ago

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