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Asked September 10, 2012

I am intrested in finding manufacturers that do dropshipping.

We have a long list of dropshippers at our custom sourcing site. Good luck on your search and we look forward to hearing about your experience.


Answered 2482 days ago

welcome to website  is: ,they offer all kinds of grade AAA product,such as jordan shoes,nike shoes,jewelry , jersey ,shoes,handbag,clothes, here with wholesale price! Our product have some advantages as following:

 1) Grade AAA product !

 2) The wholesale price!

3)100% safe, the best delivery terms!

 4) No mini order here!

5) The best service!

Answered 1910 days ago

As per your requirements I'll recommend you Oasis Promotional, a leading wholesale manufacturer, supplier and distributor of quality promotional clothing. They are reputed private label and drop shippers also. They provide bulk offer every on wholesale deals. For your more queries just write a mail or fill up the enquiry form today. Admin will assist you soon.



Answered 1320 days ago


Have a look at Oasis Shirts, a leading wholesale manufacturer, supplier and distributor of quality clothes. Oasis Shirts is a private label and drop shipping company also in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and also all over the world. Special discount is also available on every wholesale deals. Visit the site and fill up the enquiry form. Admin will get in touch with you shortly.



Answered 1314 days ago

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Answered 283 days ago

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Answered 225 days ago

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Answered 50 days ago

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