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Asked December 30, 2016

One of the supplier's here Saleszone Limited scammed me, won't send my an order that I paid for and I can't leave a message because he blocked me.

Not only he has my money he blocked me on his website so I'm not able to ask about my money back. What should I do? By the way stay away from his website.

if you paid via bank or paypal, you can always make a charge back. just go to your bank or contact paypal and withdrew your payment.
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Answered 973 days ago

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This is bad! Please try to contact the intermediary. And you need to double check the purchase invoice. 

Answered 665 days ago

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Answered 597 days ago

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Answered 589 days ago

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Answered 586 days ago

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Answered 572 days ago

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Answered 561 days ago

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Answered 279 days ago

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Answered 257 days ago

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Answered 243 days ago

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Answered 217 days ago

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Answered 140 days ago

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