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Asked November 13, 2019

Steps to follow for creating an app.

Mobile app development is not a piece of cake; however, if you want to determine how to develop your business mobile app then you must follow a few basic procedures. The first thing that you will have to do is to work with the best mobile application developers New Jersey-based, you can look for good writers at other places as well. It will enable you to acquire and exercise notes on the app development process. However, apart from that, there are a few other measures which you should follow
a. Sketch your app structure.
b. Market analysis is essential.
c. Make prototypes of your app.
d. Create your app's graphic design.
e. Build your app landing page.
f. Make the app with Swift and Xcode.
g. Launch your app in the App Store.
Following these easy steps will allow you to relate with your viewers in the most efficient manner. Don’t you agree?

As you know, technical issues are the hardest part of creating an app. You can easily find tutorials on how to create your own app, but in reality, it is not easy. You need to have extensive experience in app development to accomplish the goal. 

A few months ago I decided to go online and discussed the cost to develop an app and if it is worth it or not. Thanks to the experienced software company, I have a great mobile app.

Answered 127 days ago

Are you looking for the best mobile app developer? This is a task, but on the forums you can really find the right answer. I personally ordered an application for IOS and android platforms from this developer, intellectsoft, These guys make good apps at low prices. What do you say about this one?

Answered 225 days ago

If you develop a mobile app then you should follow below listed process or steps to develop an Android app.

Our Mobile App Development Steps:

Phase I – Kickoff Meeting

The project once is received to the project management team with a go ahead, the first thing they arrange is kickoff meeting internally. This meeting is the most important part of the project, since it defines different nuances of the project, details complete flow diagram & user journey. The meeting becomes productive, since the correct resources suitable for a certain projects are invited for the meeting and that’s where the resource allocation, timelines and bifurcation of roles and responsibilities are defined.

Phase II – Project Management & Resource Allocation

The process involves creating tasks, and weekly sprints for project on each and every task. The tasks are allocated to the resources that have experience in working on such tasks. This also ensures allocation of correct amount of buffer time in case of any delay; hence the overall timeframe of the project can be achieved. For shorter timelines, multiple resources are allocated to different tasks and hence the sprints become more productive and reduce the overall delivery time.

Phase III – Mockup Design

Once the team has a complete design &development brief, the next stage will be to start the design of home page and major inner pages of the website and screens for mobile application. Photoshop Mockups will be created for your perusal based on the information in the original brief. The mockups would be further revised based on your feedback to get the final design/artwork for the website and mobile application. Your feedback would be very important to design & programming team during this phase. This phase will require the client’s approval & sign off.

Phase IV – Agile Development - Programming& Quality Assurance

We work on an agile process and hence we work with weekly sprints depending upon the size of the project. Our allocated team is assigned with daily tasks to be able to achieve the target for each sprint and we take daily standup meetings to ensure that we are on track to achieve the overall goal. This ensures timely delivery and also ensures that we are keeping constant check on project.

Normally, our QA team is allocated simultaneously with the development team to ensure that they constantly keep writing the test cases while the modules are being developed. This process ensures that we don’t have to test everything at once and we can always test work for each sprint and incorporate the change requests in the next sprint. This also ensures the delivery of a quality product and makes sure that our complete product is developed with constant code review, module testing, functional testing, and other tests.

Phase VII – Final Deployment

Upon the client's complete satisfaction& final approval, we shall upload/install the website to your hosting/server and upload the mobile application in Android and iOS. The process is seamless and code base is also delivered to the customer since we use bitbucket or gitlab for version control.

Answered 206 days ago

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Answered 204 days ago

 Seedbox development services are very important for any customers who use internet connection. It's as safe as using public trackers when torrenting on your computer. If you consider that safe, it's safe; if you consider that unsafe, it's unsafe. A is still a computer with an IP address, after all.

Answered 165 days ago

When creating, you will definitely need a high-quality backup and activation keys.Everyone has known for a long time where to pick up keys perfectly suitable to you. Personally checked on many programs-

Answered 74 days ago

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Answered 62 days ago

Businesses or entrepreneurs develop mobile apps for a different purpose. They want to increase the availability of their products and services They want to reach a much larger and wider market. They want an instant connection with their potential buyers

Answered 42 days ago

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