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Asked April 24, 2011

Twistlets Tween jewelry is a new trend. What are the best ways to find new wholesale trends?

100's of new products hit the market every year. Having an eye for items that will be fast sellers and reap the return of huge margins is tricky business. We'd like to hear some success stories or tips on spotting trends and getting them out to the public.


In order for a product to become a trend, it has to be cool and really appeal to the target market. It has to be priced well enough so the majority of that target market can easily afford the product. Twistlets, for example is Tween Jewelry for girls 8-15 years. Tween girls are a huge demographic with big spending potential. Not only can a young girl afford the $9.99 retail but a mom would probably pick up a couple at that price. Wholesalers need an attractive margin to give them incentive to carry the product. Wholesale jewelry is a competive. Price your product right on both the wholesale and retail end so it gets in the hands of the consumer. If your product is great, word of mouth will take over from there.

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Another way to spot trends is to attend or exhibit at the International Gem and Jewelry Show which puts on over 90 shows nationwide with shows every weekend. More info at:

If you design and make your own jewelry, you need a way to distribute it. You could go through a local jeweler, online jewelry retailer or work with a jewelry sales representative, who is a middleman selling to small jewelry stores. You can meet sales reps at trade shows. You need computerized 3-D design specs and prototypes of your best pieces to attract a jewelry rep.

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