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Asked January 8, 2019

What are the top common mistakes when learn new language?

Is it true that reading is a very useful activity for the purpose of memorizing new vocabulary?

Normally we read for pleasure and, even if the book is in another language, we do not bother to look for words that we do not know in the dictionary. book

In doing so, we will not learn anything new, but we will limit ourselves to consolidating the words previously studied or that we already know.

That's why today I want to give you some tips to get the greatest possible advantage from reading books in a foreign language.

If you study Italian recently, it would be better to start with simple and short readings as for example could be children's books. The risk of trying a long and complicated reading is to get bored and "suffer" in an attempt to get to the end.

To learn the vocabulary through reading, it is good way to read an essay made by native, I hope you will ask if is it safe to buy essays online?

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Answered 7 days ago

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Answered 7 days ago

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