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Asked September 30, 2010

What categories, industries and business topics are important to you?

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I'd LOVE to see a category about recommended wholesalers to buy from online so I can see who it's safe to do business with. I'm an old timer though, so maybe there's other ways and you wouldn't have to create a whole new category for it.

Answered 2988 days ago


How about Dropshipping? There are no categories which cover this topic.

Answered 2992 days ago

HI Les,

I agree with the legal topic. I'm a wholesale distributor of wholesale handbags and have talked to many of my customers and they have mentioned many scams when buying wholesale. Not only, scams to buyers, but we have found some people trying to place a fraudulent order with us. Its a big issue nowadays. I would be very interested to read more about it, and different ways to avoid it.


Answered 2862 days ago

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Answered 341 days ago

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Answered 49 days ago

Another suggested category: Legal.

There are a lot of potential legal issues to address in the wholesale industry and I don't see a category which covers this topic.

Answered 2990 days ago

Hey, Les, I agree -- the wholesale business has lots of LEGAL issues: from Product Safety and Import / Export Regs . . . to Copyright Laws and Contracts on Financing OR Shipping Agreements.

I just answered a question about Fashion Counterfeits, Knockoffs, the Gray Goods Marketplace. No surprise -- lots of legal impacts, including an entire institute dedicated to FASHION LAW.

  >> I categorized the above answer under SCAMS and FRAUD ALERTS.

  >> Does it make sense to make "Legal" a subcategory under that??

Any thoughts from the community?

Answered 2976 days ago

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