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Asked November 14, 2018

What Should Be The First To Learn In Designing?

Hi, I am Sheikh Abid from UAE. I did a graduate from the University of UAE. After doing graduate in BSc I want to get its implement's skill because in my educational session I learn just the theory of designing. I saw many sites who are delivering their web designing service. I also want to make website designer dubai so that I will deliver such services. I want to know that from where should I start designing. Please help me in this situation, I will be very thankful to you.

First of all, I didn’t really understand what exactly were you asking here. I can see that you have done a course of designing and with all that knowledge, I don’t think it will be hard for you to design a website all by yourself.

Answered 307 days ago

First, you have to decide your goal either icons or interface, then you can choose some tools to design. Or you can choose a framework for the work.

Answered 307 days ago

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Answered 307 days ago

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Answered 306 days ago

Firstly you should learn programming languages like java, javascript, PHP, CSS etc. then complete some programming assignment on reputed sites, the choose designing.

Answered 294 days ago

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Answered 294 days ago

Graphic design is something that marketers can always benefit from learning, even without a formal education. In those cases, we enter a world of do-it-yourself education, with repeated recommendations like, "learn Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign," or, "read a book about basic design principles."

Answered 280 days ago

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Answered 1 day ago

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