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Asked January 5, 2011

Where may we buy catheters at whole sale prices.

Please provide fax numbers to some manufacturers/whole sellers of catheters. We need a price quote for different specifications of catheters. The manufacturer MUST be based in the U.S.A.

Thank you

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Answered 3143 days ago

Are you talking urinary catheters?? If so, I have many brand new boxes that are self contained single use Lofric Primo Hydrophilic catheters with a water packet that provides sterile lubrication. I personally have tried everything and these are the best because you don't need to touch them and they are very smooth and not so uncomfortable like most others out there.. If you are interested I have a huge surplus of many of these 16 and 14fr that I will sell to you way below surplus price. I can ship you out a box immediately for free and if you like them then we can talk about what will be best.  Let me know if you are interested.. Heres the link My name is Bradley, just let me know if I can help you.


Answered 2659 days ago

Waconx123 - We are based in San Diego and we have a surplus of Catheters that we are looking to sell below our cost to get rid of them. Let me know if you are interested as I have a list of our inventory with our cost so you can see how much you are saving below our purchase price...

Answered 2818 days ago

I have done business with this company in florida.      Very nice people, they have about anything hospital related.

Answered 2012 days ago

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Answered 1910 days ago

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Answered 1281 days ago

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Answered 530 days ago

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