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Asked August 14, 2016

Where to got acrylic mirror sheet manufacturers

Olsoon Materials Co., Ltd
Add: 1/F, No.1, TongFu Road, RenHe Town, BaiYun District, and Guangzhou City, Guangdong, China.
Mail & Skype:
Mob/Whats'app: (+86 17722858192)
QQ: 2120004563,


 OlsoonMaterials Co., Ltd,  manufacturer of all types of Acrylic materials,

Our productsare mainly: Extrudedpolymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) sheets, clear acrylicboard Acrylicmirror sheets, PC mirrorsheets, PS mirror panels, Plastic mirrors, Mirror Perspex, Plexiglass Mirror, two-sidesmirror acrylic sheets, see-thru acrylic mirrors , Plexiglass Tubes & AcrylicBubble rods. We sincerelywelcome you to inquire and order us

1220*2440mm (48" x 96"), acrylic mirror, 100% virgin material, painting is PLASKOLITEbackside,

Thickness: 0.8-6.0mm +/- 0.25 (EN-ISO 24346) 

Surface Hardness: 2H to 3H Rockwell hardness is 85 (hard coatedavailable)

Olsoon Materials Co., Ltd

Add: 1/F,No.1, TongFu Road, RenHe Town, BaiYun District, and Guangzhou City, Guangdong,China.

Mail &Skype:

Mob/Whats'app:(+86 17722858192)



plexi glass is a kind of acrylic plastic,they can used to make the acrylic glass  andacrylic tube

acrylic mirror is a kind of plastic mirrorand acrylic board is used for making mirror sheets

sheet plastic is divided into black plasticsheeting and clear acrylic

polypropylene sheet  divided into polycarbonate panels and acrylicpanels

how to cut acrylic sheet ?

OlsoonMaterials Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for acrylic material : clear acrylic sheet,acrylic mirror sheets , acrylic rod. And we can provide Perspex cut to size and mirrorcut to size service


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Acrylic Mirror has excellent reflective properties; however acrylic isn't as inflexible as glass and is therefore prone to Can Someone Write my Assignment for Me UK minor twists on bigger boards which will optically distort the image.

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 Our acrylic mirror sheets are a lightweight, highly reflective mirrored surface with a durable hard panel on the reverse. Due to its shatter resistance, light weight and high impact strength, acrylic mirror is a common alternative to glass and is used in environments where safety is paramount.
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Nice that you're manufacturing acrylic mirror sheets. Maybe I can call you next week. I might be needing it.

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