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Asked September 10, 2011

Why is not my offer lead shown in the search resault page, even I use the full words of my title?

I am a free member at present. Before becoming a premium member, I want to test how it work and how about it. Unfortunately, I can not find my offer lead in the search result page, even I use full words of my title. Strange enough, Why so many different products of total differenct industry show in the same page. In this case, how can the customers find my offer easier by simply use a single keywords?

HI Chanson,

First, what is your account id so I can help. 

One of the reasons your product may not be showing is because premium member listings will always have priority.  Even if premium members have similar products, their products will show before free members.  If you let me know your username and product, I can look into it further and give you better advice.  Either contact me here or send me an email at



Answered 2899 days ago

Hi, Jonathan, many thanks for your reply. My ID is Chanson. We are exporting plastic water bottle, sports bottle. This is my page on Manufacture: 

My confusion is how to let the potential customer find me easily. Of cause, I know the premiume members have priority, as every B2B website. But, to be frank, I think there is something should optimize in your searching system.

Take a simple example:

I search with keywords of "water bottle" and find many "water mechinery, bottle scrap" in the first page before the "water bottle" product. Strange enough, all these are free members.

I can understand the priority of the prmiume member, but there is not at all. Besides, should your system classify the product according to the category of the keyword when show the results? If so, the custome will not find the mechinery before the exact product they are trying to search.


Answered 2897 days ago

HI Chanson,

I appreciate you getting back to me.  I understand your concern and you make a great point.  I am going to look into it for you and get back to you by tomorrow.  I am the sales director for and we also publish  I am going to check with some of our programmers and see if they can help me answer. 

In the mean time, you would find a great fit on our whole network.  You should also set up your profile on  You can register here:

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will send you a message by tomorrow evening.


Answered 2897 days ago

HI Chanson,

Please check

Sometimes it takes a couple days for to process all the new products. 


Answered 2895 days ago

Yes, I noticed also. Tks.

Answered 2895 days ago

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