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Happy New Year!

It’s been a fun first month of blogging for Top Ten Wholesale, and I wanted to thank everyone for reading and pitching in on this blog. Top Ten is a quality product, with top notch staff support, and my resolution for 2008 is to make this blog just as effective as the search engine itself. Have a Happy New Year … read more »

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Need to Make Money Now? Try dropshipping..

You heard me dropshipping! This is kind of a triple threat tip. Whether for: Blogging Making Money Online (i.e. starting and succeeding with a Profitable Web Site Or for expanding the revenues of your wholesale business Dropshipping: Its a business model. Sellers do not keep any goods in stock. Sellers get orders and send them to wholesalers where orders are … read more »

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Making Money With T-Shirts Isn’t Just Possible, It’s Profitable…

Whenever I add a new continent to my online empire I go through a basic Q&A with myself on the desirability of the offer. Lots of yes/no questions about the product to help me visualize the position it occupies in its market and where the market sits on the whole product spectrum. Questions like: Is it fun? Is it cool? … read more »

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Thanks for the iPod!

I was fortunate enough to win an iPod in a giveaway from the goWholesale blog. The contest involved leaving a comment on their blog, and the randomly selected winner was me! The older I get, the more I win stuff. Of course, I’m like a blind salamander poking away at my laptop in my cave, so I see and know … read more »

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Let’s Welcome the New Advertisers #2

J’Lynn Outfitters – Quality Overstocks – There’s some good deals on wholesale apparel lots in their store… Tatiana – Lingerie and Intimates dropshippers (who will also sell you a turnkey store). Half of their profits go to charity! Make money and help people! UD2006 – Designer-inspired fragrances w/ a one case minimum Howdy new advertisers! Let us know how its … read more »

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Strong Signs That eBay is Going to Cut Listing Fees

An interesting tip from the eBay strategies blog eBay is concerned about the slow growth of new active users, eBay is going to lower listing fees and take more of a cut after the sale. They recently ran a 2 day test on eBay Motors with no listing fee This is great news for people who are buying wholesale to … read more »

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The Most Popular Flea Market Promotion in History – What I Learned from the Montgomery Flea Market Guy

This is the most successful flea market promotion in history. 2 million people have played this clip on Youtube. It’s the #1 result in google for “minimall” and as of this writing, it’s on the first page of google for flea market. People stop on their vacations at this place to film the owner, and learn how to dance like … read more »

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4 Hour Work Week: This Dude Will Shove You Forever

I certainly don’t live in Silicon Valley and I know most of my readers don’t either, but you can’t help but hear about the people who live there because of their huge internet presence. Its really a semi-small community and trends pass through it like wildfire. One of the more recent trends is everyone is reading a book called the … read more »

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Contest Alert – 50,000 Seed Money for Women in Business

It’s not too late to enter but it almost is! Mirrasou Wineries is sponsoring a “Make Your Dreams Come True” contest with a grand prize of $50,000, open to women who “aspire to open a new business.” From the contest info: The “Make Your Dreams Come True with Mirassou” contest is open to women who aspire to open a new … read more »

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Let’s welcome the new advertisers!

This is a new regular feature for the blog. Last week’s new advertisers on Top Ten Wholesale are: Neo Handbags Tasha Apparel – Free Shipping for order over $300.00, Promotion code : free123 Louis Villani Collections –  Beautiful and comfortable looking cocktail dresses Wholesale Fashion Buys – Department store quality goods, but this site aims at the small independent buyer. … read more »

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