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ASD Show in Las Vegas was a Huge Success!

The LVCC (Las Vegas Convention Center) was a meeting place of the biggest and best in the business. After all was said and done, it was clear to attendees and exhibitors that the show was a huge success. The turnout was amazing, the deals were equally outstanding, and everyone in the area was smiling! This was an event that would make even the most hardened “US-economy doomsday pundit” think twice about the state of the current economy, as loads of great merchandise were being moved out at an impressive rate, and the level of optimism was at an all-time high.


Find out the details from ASD on their informative site!

The organizers and attendees who made this a monumental show should all be given a rousing standing ovation, for a job well done. Reports from the field that I have been getting over the past week were pretty inspiring, and the tweets I saw hurling towards me told of diverse buyers and sellers who were either renewing old relationships, or making new ones. While I’ve been seeing nothing but bad news on the mainstream media headlines lately, the word I got from the streets of Las Vegas were completely contrary to all the negativity.

For those who couldn’t attend, here’s what you need to know about some of the show’s categories:

  • GIFT & TOY – Anyone looking for incredible prices on products that are designed to build margins, found what they needed here.
  • JEWELRY – A real assortment of jewelry that gave operators of online stores and retail outlets a way to supply consumers with the best, at prices that encourage profits.
  • STYLE & BEAUTY – Fashion accessories, health, and beauty aids were front and center, as they delivered a comprehensive selection of general style and beauty merchandise.
  • CHINA BRAND – This was 16,000 square feet of exhibit space, exhibiting China’s top 100 brands, and featuring thousands of amazing products.
  • INTERNATIONAL SOURCING – Over 200 global manufacturers were displayed along with thousands of products and goods from fashion, jewelry, novelties, souvenirs, fashion accessories, and more.
  • VALUE & VARIETY – Apparel, convenience items, household goods, outdoor goods, electronics, military security, personal security merchandise were the biggest show-stoppers.

To be specific, it was an event that turned out great sourcing for buyers, and floor activity that gave no indication of a sagging economy. All the news I heard from the people who were actually there was that the entire event gave everyone the feeling that the economy is picking up for the wholesale industry! All areas in total had a great collection of exhibitors who were showing products that we’ll undoubtedly be seeing all over the USA and worldwide. I’ll be watching for the results of the new wave of products and goods that flow from these channels, especially with the holiday season orders already starting up in anticipation of the frenzy during the last months of this year.

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