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B2B Ideas To Kickstart 2011

The customer should never be far from your thoughts. But what about other businesses? The power of working with like minded businesses to help achieve business growth, sales and ultimately more success shouldn’t be far from your thoughts, either. There are many opportunities to work with businesses in an effort to help yours. As a new years resolution, make business to business marketing part of your 2011 plans.

One great way to work with like minded businesses (not your competition but those who reach out to similar customers) is through social media. The power of another company’s voice via tweets and Facebook updates can help launch your brand recognition, consumer audience and sales. Your digital footprint will grow, as will traffic to your website. In return, you can offer the same support for another business.

Beyond the impact of social media is the power of press. Publicity never fails to make an impressive on a business, so why not double dip when it comes to your PR outreach? Working with like minded businesses allows both sides to reach out for press purposes with a unique goal in mind. Work together to offer something for your consumers and in return, gain equal press. Two beats one in your efforts here, so it’s a win-win.

Speaking of win-win, another way to make a B2B change in 2011 is to start to think of your B2B efforts like B2C. You don’t put consumers on the back burner… so why put business partners?

2011 is sneaking up on us… it’s almost here. Time to get started in your new years resolution planning! Make sure B2B is on the top of your list this coming year.

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