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Understanding E-Tailing

E-Tailing you ask? Often referred to as e-commerce, e-tailing is used to describe retailers who sell exclusively online and do not have any other means of retail revenue to support their business, such as a brick and mortar store or through catalogs. While e-tailing entails a lot of strategy to be successful, their success can be worth their efforts.

The advantages of an e-tailer are impressive. No traditional retail overhead is among the best advantages. Rent can be spent towards appropriate storage – if necessary – or not even spent at all if you can do this from your home. And employees? What employees? Unless you run a business in the likes of Amazon or Ebay, it’s likely you don’t need too many employees. Your costs go down tremendously for this reason alone. And of course, your availability to consumers if 24-7 via the internet.

With the good comes the bad, however. A lot of smart planning is necessary to be a successful e-tailer. Successfully managing your SEO can be tough, and very few smaller companies do this great. Buying inventory is a challenge always, but buying with limited inventory space and no true understanding of your consumer outreach (beyond the internet alone) is hard. Factor in the importance of customer service and you have a headache that needs to be controlled. Somehow it’s possible to break through these possible distractions and get e-tailing done right. By being aware of your product assortment, staying focused on your buying, using SEO to gain customer attention, planning necessary marketing and advertising campaigns and using social media, e-tailing may just be the right fit for your business plans.

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