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Costume Jewelry, Good and Cheap

We all know what cheap means, and we all know what we’d like it to mean when we say cheap, don’t we? It’s one thing to find low quality, low value goods that are indeed low priced… but it’s quite another to find goods that your customers actually want and – more importantly – return for, once they’ve identified their trusted source for savings that didn’t skimp on value. If this is what you’ve been spending much of your waking hours thinking about, I might have a solution for you. It’s time for you to check out a featured seller we’ve got here on today’s post, so you can see what you might have been missing in terms of locating great costume jewelry and fashion accessories at a really outstanding price.


KAY Import, Inc., one of the largest and fastest growing costume jewelry and fashion accessory suppliers in Atlanta, Georgia, doesn’t not jack those prices up higher than they should be, only to put them on sale with dazzling displays, to make it look so much cheaper… as too many other companies in the business may be prone to do. Compared with other companies who sell jewelry by the dozen at $6USD, KAY Import brings the same items directly to you for as low as $4.80USD per dozen or less!


One of the advantages of doing business with KAY Import is that they personally take the time to travel overseas to design and review actual samples of goods from hundreds of major manufacturers and factories in China. The company also directly imports and inspects all of these goods via their own exporting center, KAY Trading, Co., which is also located in Yiwu, China. This is how they can guarantee that both the prices and quality standards are up to the levels you would expect from a carefully selected line of fashion accessories and jewelry. KAY Import specializes in costume jewelry and other fashion accessories such as hair accessories, sunglasses, belts, and a range of others that are in demand. What sets them apart from any other of their competitors is the ability to get factory direct quality and prices to their customers with special and unheard of volume discounts that can be up to 20% off on selected items, too!


Also be sure to check for their special promotions throughout the web site, since KAY Import s an import and wholesale company that specializes in servicing a variety of wholesalers and retailers such as Beauty Supplies, Dollar Stores, Clothing Stores and Fashion Accessory Stores, without releasing their goods to the general public. KAY Import also likes to remind you of their motto “Good and Cheap” because it implies that their main goal is to provide customers with the best quality merchandise, but still at the lowest price. Every effort is made to satisfy your wants and needs, and quality is guaranteed with an exchange and store credit policy applied towards your account for any damaged or defective items. Don’t delay, take a look at what KAY Import has to offer you today!

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Comment by Lakesha Lewis
May 24, 2010 @ 8:35 PM

Im interest in buying some of your product am opening my own business

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Comment by Janne Säilynkangas
November 9, 2010 @ 12:19 PM

Hi. I am interested to buy cheap but good guality jewlery for reselling. I am going to open my own store here in Ylivieska Finland.
I am lookin for some kind of jewlery like this store Glitter have: Their web site:

I am going to open similar store like that.
Can you offer me those kind of jewlery for me to sell, for cheap price?

Janne Säilynkangas

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