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5 Tips To Maximize Online Sales

The internet is an ever expanding world of products, information, pictures and so much more. Shopping online naturally makes up a large part of this chaotic world known as the internet… however like most things, with the good comes the bad. And in the world of the e-commerce, the “bad” can hurt your business. In an effort to be among the better performing e-commerce sites, it’s important to consider the following points.

1. Create a visually appealing, easy to navigate site. There is nothing worse than chaos on a computer screen that leads potential customers to another site. Keep your website visually enhancing in a clean, streamline layout that allows for easy, comfortable and quick navigation while on your website. Use both words and photos to create a format and layout that allows for your customers to shop with ease.

2. Make your check out experience pain free. Too often shopping carts are abandoned because websites require endless amount of details before even providing final cost details for the customer. Simple and effective is key here. Don’t require a login – though give this as an option. Don’t create multiple pages to complete and click through – require one or two and call it a day. And do consider your payment options. PayPal alone won’t do it – though for some businesses, this may be the best option. There are many e-commerce solutions that provide outstanding service for online shoppers and the respective companies they are shopping from. Consider all your options. Just make sure they are secure! Security when shopping online is a must.

3. Offer multiple communication methods.
Email? Yes. 1-800? You bet. Online chat? If you can, absolutely! The more options you have, the wider audience you will appeal to. It’s that simple.

4. Understand and use SEO.
It makes a difference in all aspects of your e-commerce site. Customer return, unique visitors… these will both be impacted by strong SEO. Don’t be fooled by companies claiming they can make you #1 overnight though. It takes strategy, time and constant website management to earn the #1 spot.

5. Give them a reason to return. If they make a purchase, include a 20% off coupon upon their payment received for a future purchase. It doesn’t have to be complicated – just give them something that will make them want to return to your site and shop again!

Finally, edit, edit, edit. Don’t let your site become stale with old products or out of date with seasonal trends. If it’s Halloween, make sure your identify this on your homepage in a fun, creative fashion. While this isn’t important for all businesses, it’s a great way to stay focused on constantly managing your site… a must in order to keep your e-commerce business ahead in the marketplace.

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