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Understanding E-Tailing

E-Tailing you ask? Often referred to as e-commerce, e-tailing is used to describe retailers who sell exclusively online and do not have any other means of retail revenue to support their business, such as a brick and mortar store or through catalogs. While e-tailing entails a lot of strategy to be successful, their success can be worth their efforts. The … read more »

December 15, 2010 by in Sellers 

5 Tips To Maximize Online Sales

The internet is an ever expanding world of products, information, pictures and so much more. Shopping online naturally makes up a large part of this chaotic world known as the internet… however like most things, with the good comes the bad. And in the world of the e-commerce, the “bad” can hurt your business. In an effort to be among … read more »

October 27, 2010 by in Sellers 

Fashion Scarves Can Offer You Everything, and Anything

We’re living in a world where fashion anything is indeed everything for many shoppers, and it’s been a great source of revenue in the retail world as well. With all of this amazing seasonal fashion coming at us all year long, it’s finally our chance to focus on one of the most fashion-friendly times of all – the Autumn/Winter season. … read more »

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October 4, 2010 by in Wholesale Resources 

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