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Consumers Use Smartphones to Shop, Tablets to Buy

by Claudia Bruemmer A study by IFCHIC shows tablets rule over smartphones when it comes to conversions. While consumers browse on their smartphones, when it comes to making a purchase, they use their tablets rather than the smartphone. This may be because of the larger display where they can get more detailed product information. E-retailers who monitor the stats with … read more »

September 2, 2011 by in Wholesale Resources 

Starting an Online Business – Fast and Cheap

You’ve been thinking about it, toying with the idea of becoming your own boss… but it always seems like you are just one step ahead in the idea stage, and two steps behind when it comes to execution of the master plan. If this sounds like you, then fear not; you are certainly not alone. It’s a big move to … read more »

June 20, 2011 by in Wholesale Resources 

Cheap Paid Search Terms Can Boost Organic CTR: Study

by Claudia Bruemmer If you are a wholesale supplier or distributor, you know the importance of page 1 rankings on wholesale search engines. However, it can be hard to rank organically because you can’t pay for top natural rankings. The only way to get to the top organic positions is by optimizing your content with selected keywords. While this can … read more »

Memories Fail, but Reminders Usually Succeed!

We all forget things sometimes. I do it a lot more than I care to admit, with all the things I try to keep on top of these days. However, the ones you really don’t want to forget are your customers, because nothing is worse than learning that they’ve forgotten you, is it? One of the best ways we can … read more »

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December 14, 2010 by in Wholesale Resources 

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