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Visit Our TopTenWholesale TV Video Library

by Claudia Bruemmer

Last year, we launched a dedicated video hub and video resource library: TopTenWholesale TV. This online video hub hosts videos for the wholesale industry, and we invite our audience of wholesale buyers, sellers, retailers and industry professionals to post their company videos online for free.


TopTenWholesale TV is an online space where the wholesale-retail community can post or view business videos on such topics listed below and more.

• Products/Services
• Facilities/Office
• Training
• Educational/How To’s
• Trade Shows
• Conferences/Seminars

When we launched our video library, it was the first wholesale community Video Resource Library in the industry, providing the means for community members to post or view online videos. We did this because we knew that watching videos is an online activity that has grown in popularity with consumers. We thought it would be timely for marketers to take advantage of video’s popularity to promote their products, services and facilities.

Creating and posting videos has benefits for your company as well as your customers and industry stakeholders. It is a cost-effective promotional strategy since creating high-quality videos can be done easily with a digital camera or a smartphone with video recorder.

TopTenWholesale is delighted to provide this community resource for the entire vertical wholesale industry. You can post your video to any of the following categories: Recently Submitted, Top Rated Videos and Recommended Videos. Then promote it to your customers on your site or in an email, and they can simply click for instant replay.

As you know, video has become the most prevalent form of user-generated content created and shared online. Over 67 percent of U.S. Internet users watch video online every month – that translates into about 150 million users. We created TopTenWholesale TV to foster the growth of video, giving our customers and site visitors a new way to connect within our community. We encourage anyone in our global community to upload and share their videos on our community site. It is there for your use.

There are many benefits to creating and sharing videos on a dedicated video hub. For instance, if you’re a buyer and want to upload a video about a new product you just found at a tradeshow, you can share your video with your customers, colleagues and the community that might be interested in knowing about your new offering. Or maybe you want to upload information about your store or warehouse. Businesses and individuals posting a video on TopTenWholesale TV can get more exposure than by posting it on their own site because we get over 40,000 visitors daily or 1 million visitors every month.

Sellers can promote news about their top car seat for infants features or show off new inventory, a trade show special, a How-To Guide, or information for new distributors. Buyers, on the other hand, may want to post videos demonstrating merchandise for their online or offline retail store. Retailers can send their customers to view new season fashion videos from their emails. The ideas for video promotion are endless, and TopTenWholesale TV is completely FREE for our TopTenWholesale community members to use. We look forward to seeing your videos and helping you promote your business.

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Visit Our TopTenWholesale TV Video Library, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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