Kinyi Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd
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Kinyi Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd
Block A,OBO High-Tech Park, Baima,Nancheng,Donggu
Block A,OBO High-Tech Park, Baima,Nancheng,Donggu
Dongguan, GU
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KINYI is an industrial and trade integrated company specialized in the following products:
Customized molded pulp industrial packaging;
Molded pulp food packaging;
Molded pulp egg trays, fruit trays, cup trays, cake trays and food trays;
Molded pulp end products like white masks, animal crafts, flower pots, trash cans and wall paper;
Molded pulp medical products like urinals, kidney basin and slipper pan;
Any other molded pulp products

There are various materials, colors and surface effects to choose from:
Materials: Bagasse (main material); wood, bamboo, recycled carton; white paper; wheat straw^
Colors: milky, pure white, black, grey, brown, red, green or any other colors
Surface effects: traditional thick-wall type; transfer molded type and very smooth thermoformed fiber type.

The services we KINYI provide:
1.The most feasible, suitable and practical packaging solutions based on requirements of usage, surface effect, materials, colors, price and etc;
2.One-stop services of designing, molding, sampling, manufacturing and turnkey packaging.
3.Supportive services like third-party factory audit, product inspection and sourcing of relevant products.
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Kinyi Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd
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Block A,OBO High-Tech Park, Baima,Nancheng,Donggu, Block A,OBO High-Tech Park, Baima,Nancheng,Donggu
Dongguan, GU