CiptaPuri Sdn Bhd
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CiptaPuri Sdn Bhd
No. 1264, Jln Jitu 25/125, Bukit Kemuning, 40460,
Shah Alam, Selangor
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Cipta Puri (M) Sdn Bhd started its import & export business in June 2002 trading mainly in palm oil derivates (edible & non-edible), cocoa, rubber, coconut and also other produce of the soil. Our company has since grown into a very successful and strong company. This significant growth is an achievement of which we are proud of. This was possible through sound management of our company at all levels, trusted business relationship with our suppliers and more importantly our capacity, capability and commitment in providing our valued customers with a reliable, dependable and satisfactory service every time, all the time.

Our company is a registered and licensed business entity in Malaysia doing business with local as well as overseas suppliers and customers. Currently, our overseas suppliers and customers are mainly from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. This list is growing and we aim is to continue expanding our trading network to cover a wider part of the world

Cipta Puri Sdn Bhd have a dedicated sales and customer service team to ensure that all orders are process efficiently, effectively and timely.

An efficient and reliable business operation is maintained at all levels through the dedicated effort of a team of 10 permanent, well trained and experienced in-house office and field staff. This team headed by our MD, Mr. James Lere O, works very closely with selected service providers to ensure that each and every order is fulfilled to the satisfaction of our customer without fail. We have over-time established a truly dependable relationship with our service providers, as strategic partners, to leverage on their strength while we focus on our own core business. With our past success and the confidence to deliver, we welcome trade enquiries for any of the above or other related commodity or product required by a potential customer. We are also keen to explore any opportunity for growth and development. Towards this end we welcome service requests/proposals/ offers from potential partners/suppliers.

Our product Range:
Crude Palm Oil
>Palm Oil

>Biodiesel PME MY A


Fatty Acid
>Oleic Acid
>Stearic Acid
>High Purity Fatty Acid
>Distilled Fatty Acid

Fatty Alcohol
>Behenyl Alc 80
>Fatty Alcohol

Methyl Ester

>Palm Oil Products

Palm Wax
>Palm Wax ST05

Refined Glycerine
>Glycerine 99.5%

Soap Noodle

Surfactant Special Ester
>CDEA 90
>CDE SP 6501
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Company Name:
CiptaPuri Sdn Bhd
Registered Address:
No. 1264, Jln Jitu 25/125, Bukit Kemuning, 40460,
Shah Alam, Selangor