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Robot intelligent chassis- to make your own robot

Robot intelligent chassis- to make your own robot
USD 100.00 - 1000.00
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Product Description

Intelligent diy robot chassis kit used for Yunji robots

A mobile autonomous robot platform for wheeled robots with comprehensive recognition, perception and navigation capabilities, committed to providing one-stop custom robotic solutions of intelligent service robot platform chassis for companies dedicated to sell wheeled robots in various market segments.

Various API choices

Complete development interfaces


The autonomous mobile robot platform supports network port, serial port, USB, TCP, and HTTP connection/communication.


JSON character string replies to character string requests without escaping needs.


Simple API instruction for easy operation.

SLAM for Huge Area


The 2wd robot chassis, 4wd robot chassis, 6wd robot chassis with motors and wheels is capable of working in an area covering 200,000 square meters based on real cases and unlimited space based on theory.


The mapping process of the ros yunji technology robot platform can be interrupted and resumed. Independently complete close-loop mapping, and complete mapping with the help of tools in complex scenes.


One-stop mapping tool. H5 page installment is not needed.

Independent route-planning

automatic obstacle-avoidance, automatic return to charging-hub

Independent route-planning, automatic obstacle-avoidance, automatic return to charging-hub


Intelligent integrations


Strong trafficability

suitable for all kinds of floors

Including wooden floor, thick carpet, ceramic tiles, cement floor, etc.



Wooden floor

Ceramic tile

Customized yunji robot chassis design development

Design a commercial customer service robot that is able to communicate, answer questions, make deliveries, sell commodities with unique appearance.
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