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Backpack Vietnam Manufacturer - Production On Demand - Ready To Export

Backpack Vietnam Manufacturer - Production On Demand - Ready To Export
USD 4.00 - 5.00
Origin City:
Long An
Origin Country:
Cat Lai
Delivery Lead Time:
Payment Terms:
  • PayPal
  • T/T
  • L/C
Minimum Order:
1000 Bags
Supply Availability:
1000000000 Bags per Year

Product Description

1. Custom Backpack production in Vietnam

At present, with the rapid development of after-sales services from many enterprises. Backpacks manufacture on demandin Vietnam are more and more essential because this is a very popular gift product, especially at stores selling phones, laptops, sports and school supplies. In addition to the colors and logos on the backpacks and bags, the sewing specifications and patterns of the backpack also need to be considered and paid attentionto suit each customer's needs when ordering backpacks.

For the above reasons, sewing backpacks according to the particular design for each customer is a job that requires meticulousness and care to be able to make the best product models, suitable to the capabilities of both parties.BITIDO is a pioneerVietnam backpack manufacturer in providing customized backpacks for businesses and customers who want to order unique backpacks for themselves.

2. Features and benefits when you order custom backpacks

If you have used different types of backpacks on the market, you can easily see that the quality of a backpack product includes many different factors and is not easy to quantify. However, basically we can evaluate the quality of the backpack through the following 3 factors:

- Material: the input materials of the backpack determine the quality of that backpack. The durable and water-resistant fabric with a sturdy truss buckle will help your backpack last for a long time.

- Design: A design that is suitable for the user and suitable for the purpose of use is a decisive condition for every backpack model. Backpacks these days are not only for storing books or items, but also need to be neat and tidy so that users can properly divide their items.

- Sewing and machining process: This is the final step to finish the product and is man-made. Therefore, this is also the step that requires the most rigorous management to ensure that no stitches are redundant or faultysewn by workers.

Those are just general details of the production of backpacks and bags. Therefore, when ordering backpacks on demand, customers need to pay attention to choosing reputable units to ensure that the sewn products are in accordance with the standards.

With the above factors, on-demand backpack printing will help businesses reduce costs and economic opportunities missed by the following reasons:

- The variety of designs and sizes as well as colors when ordering custom backpack will help businesses have many choices to suit their purposes. Laptop businesses will have different options than phone businesses in terms of size. The color of the backpack also needs to be compatible with the logo color of the business.

- The aesthetics of the backpack is much improved compared to conventional backpacks. With custom-made backpacks, there will be separate designs to suit the aesthetic requirements of customers. The backpack product is added and removed details to make the backpack have a natural and beautiful appearance.

- Enhanced durability compared to many cheap backpacks on the market. If ordinary backpacks are made in large quantities to suit the low-cost segment, tailor-made backpacks all have a product quality inventory to ensure that the output is always perfect and suitable. accordance with the requirements of both parties.

3. The process of ordering and producing backpacks in BITIDO

The following is the ordering process when customers need to order customized backpacks at BITIDO:

- Discuss and clarify requirements: BITIDO together with customers need to determine the purpose and object of using the backpack. In addition, the details to know include the color, material, and size of the backpack.

- Design: After understanding the requirements and needs of customers , BITIDO will make a technical drawing of the backpack product to give to the customer for sample approval.

- Quotation: Based on the design drawing and information on the agreed materials and colors. BITIDO will send the quotation file to the customer about the production costs of the backpack.

- Agreement: After the two parties agree on the information and terms, the Customer will follow the steps in the contract and BITIDO will proceed to produce the ordered backpack.

- Production: The production process at BITIDO usually takes less than 1 week to 2 working weeks depending on the quantity and design of the backpack. The production processes start from fabric cutting, printing to the final step of packaging and shipping.

- Quality check: After the backpack is sewn, the post-test is carried out by BITIDO to ensure that all output products pass the customer's requirements in the contract.

- Delivery: After the two parties have agreed on the product to be manufactured, BITIDO will deliver the goods to the location that has been announced in advance to the customer and finish the customer's order process.

The process of ordering custom-made backpacks an
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