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Vietnam Manufacturer Collapsible Storage Box, Fabric Basket for Clothes, Shopping - Ready To Export

Vietnam Manufacturer Collapsible Storage Box, Fabric Basket for Clothes, Shopping - Ready To Export
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Ben Luc
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Cat Lai
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1000 Bags
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1000 Bags per Day

Product Description

I. Introduction of the collapsible storage bag

Folding storage bags or utilityfabric boxes are very popular items in households. The box bag is made from fabric and carton paper, can add wooden sticks or aluminum bars. An important feature of this fabric storage box is its ability to fold neatly thanks to the removable bottom structure and the two sides of only two layers of fabric.

The folding storage box is suitable for storing clothes, school supplies, personal belongings or used as a bag when going to the supermarket. The biggest strength of this bag is its ease of use. Thanks to the ability to fold and have a carton layer to support the frame and bottom, this convenient collapsiblestorage box can serve a variety of needs and is extremely easy to fold and store.

2. Structure of the foldable box bin

The structure of the collapsiblefabric cube includes 3 main components: the outer fabric layer, the carton paper layer and other accessories handles, ...

In addition, if we divide the components of the box according to its position, we can divide it as follows: The lid of the box, the body of the box and the bottom of the box.

About the outer fabric. The fabric chosen is usually water-resistant and highly durable fabrics to ensure long-term use for users. Fabrics such as Spunbound non-woven fabric, PVC or PE fabric are most commonly used in Vietnam or the world market. Furthermore, for some products that are less exposed to water, the use of more user-friendly and softer fabrics is also preferred such as Polyester, Cotton or felt.

About the carton cover. The carton layers are sewn between the layers of fabric to create a skeleton for the foldable fabric box. Depending on the requirements and cost, this carton layer can have different qualities such as 2-corrugated or 3-corrugated carton. Carton is often cut into many different shapes to serve the process of sewing foldable box bags.

Other accessories such as handlesare often sewn in sync in color and fabric with other components. Box bags usually have 2 handles on either side and a handle on the lid.

The ability to fold or collapse this fabric box is thanks to the reasonable arrangement of cardboard pieces inside the cloth box. The bottom of the box is made from a mandatory removable carton with a box pocket so that the box can be folded more easily. In addition, the side of the bag often has many different ways of sewing such as without a single layer of carton or two separate layers of carton.

3. Benefits of Collapsible Cloth Storage Box

The benefits of this fabric box are huge for households, such as the following:

- Store personal belongings, clothes, school supplies

- Easy to move, easy to fold, save space

- Reduce the use of plastic products, contributing to the reduction of emissions to the environment

- Easy to clean thanks to the water-resistant outer fabric

- Can be used for many different purposes such as shopping, housework, ...

In addition, for business owners or business shops, importing this collapsiblestorage box product from Vietnam is a very good opportunity to develop further in a potential industry. More and more customers attach importance to the appearance and environmental factors of each product. Products from plastic or nylon, single-use bags are gradually being replaced by green and more environmentally friendly products. Box bags or foldable boxes are one of those products.

4. BITIDO – Vietnam manufacture ofCollapsible fabric storage box

BITIDO has many years of experience in the production of this fabric box. Our products have been exported to many different demanding markets such as Europe and America.

With the advantage of being located near the source of raw materials and skilled workforce, all types of foldablefabric bags produced by BITIDO are of good quality. BITIDO is a garment factory with a large capacity and can produce dozens of containers per month for nonwoven boxes.

In addition, when customers import this product from BITIDO, we will advise on design and color selection in accordance with the needs of customers. BITIDO – foldable fabric box factory in Vietnam is always confident with our existing experience and resources to always provide imported customers with the best products.
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