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Carpet Rake

Carpet Rake
USD 19.99 - 26.99
Groom Industries
Origin City:
Salt Lake City
Origin Country:
United States
Delivery Lead Time:
10 days
Payment Terms:
  • Credit Card
Minimum Order:
1 Piece(s)
Supply Availability:
600 Piece(s) per Day

Product Description

Groom Industries is the original and only professionally endorsed manufacturing company for carpet rakes. Why trust knock-offs or something made in a factory overseas?... Our carpet rakes are proudly made in the USA! We take extra time to ensure each and every carpet rake produced is of the utmost quality. A rigorous test and inspection is performed on every carpet rake from the sturdy hickory handles, to the frame, to the high quality Dupont nylon tynes that are essential to the performance of a high quality carpet rake. Professional carpet cleaners depend on the durability of the Grandi Groom Carpet Rake for loosening dirt and soil deep down in the carpet fibers. Many homeowners think vacuuming throughly cleans their carpets, but deep down in the bed of the carpet fibers rests dirt, pet hair, dander and other harmful allergens. Using a carpet rake before vacuuming helps loosen all that gunk and grime bringing it to the top of the carpet to make your vacuuming that much more effective and leaving your house that much cleaner
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