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Wholesale KB Kratom 1oz Capsule Sampler Pack

Wholesale KB Kratom 1oz Capsule Sampler Pack
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Not sure which kind to buy or maybe you want a kratom medley! The Sample Pack includes four 1oz packages one each of red, white, green, and gold capsules.

quantity pack includes 4 bags

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The Kratom Capsule Sampler Pack is one of our most popular wholesale kratom products. It’s ideal for customers who are new to kratom and still trying to learn which type is most appealing to them. Many kratom stores have also found that even their most experienced customers appreciate kratom sample packs because this is such a great way to discover new types of kratom.

Benefits of Kratom Samples

There are multiple different types of kratom strains, all of which are often associated with unique experiences. As a result, it can be hard for kratom customers to find the specific type that appeals to them most. Kratom capsule samples are the solution because they can help people understand the differences between all four of the following types: Red Kratom Capsules, Gold Kratom Capsules, Green Kratom Capsules, and White Kratom Capsules. Once customers try all four varieties, they’re able to hone on what they consider to be the best kratom strain. They may also prefer different kratom capsules at different times.

Kratom Capsules Vs. Kratom Powder

Sample packs are in high demand within the kratom community because customers always want to explore all options. While kratom connoisseurs may prefer the flexibility offered by powder, many people appreciate the simplicity of kratom capsules. Since each capsule contains a pre-measured amount of kratom powder, there’s no need to weigh or measure it.

Where to Buy Wholesale Kratom Capsules

Our Kratom Capsule Sample Pack is perfect for people and stores looking to buy kratom in bulk. This product offers a variety of premium kratom blends at low prices. We’ve delivered more than 10,000 orders to thousands of satisfied customers throughout the United States. Shop our wholesale and private label kratom today, or contact us for more information about wholesale kratom capsules.

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Additional information

quantity pack includes 4 bags

1 pack 4 bags, 10 pack 40 bags, 50 pack 200 bags
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