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CHEMICAL SOLUTION INTERNATIONAL has been opearting for years now successfully, and that is why our customers have gained confidence in us. One of our strongest point is that of relaibilty. Our customers satisfaction is our priority so we handle their orders in the most efficient way to satisfy their need.

Quality Assurred

Our products are thoroughly tested. The supplier who offers the highest quality product invariably wins our business, even for example if we could obtain the product cheaper elsewhere. Our commitment to the highest quality products forms the foundations of our products. We want you to be using products that work, after all it is in our interest that you come back and purchase them again!

We independently test batches of products to ensure that the supplier is also maintaining their high standards. If the product is even 1% below our expectations, we have no hesitation in rejecting it.

Low Pricing

Pricing is of course paramount to our position as one of the world's cheapest supplier of plant food ingredients. We have large buying power which enables us to get the very lowest prices on every product we carry. Suppliers are keen to win our business so we can certainly drive a very hard bargain, and ensure that these savings are passed on to you!

We buy direct and sell direct. 'Normal' retail channels can have four companies taking a share of the retail price, which of course means that you, the consumer, pay more.

A manufacturer sells to a distributor, the distributor sells to a wholesaler, the wholesaler sells to the retailer and then the retailer sells to you. We are in essence the manufacturer and we sell directly to you, with no middle men! This eliminates three parties looking to take a share of your money!

We're unique

As you may have noticed hundreds of sites have popped up offering the same or similar products. These are often new untrustworthy websites, who more often than not mix or 'cut' their product with other chemicals in order to increase margins.

We talk regularly with manufacturers about new products/ingredients they are developing and then carry out our own research. This means we often stock certain products way before other companies then jump on the bandwagon. We like to give you the opportunity to try the newest and most ground-breaking products way before anybody else!


What is your purity ?

We sell only high purity products. Most of our products have purities 98% and above.

Can I have a free sample?
Yes depending on the product. Most often our customers must pay for the sample itself and shipping fee. We do offer same day and next day delivery though depending on the time the order is placed.

How will I know my product is good quality?
CHEMICAL SOLUTION INTERNATIONAL stands for quality. We have been established for longer periods than many other sellers and know that unless we supply quality then the customers will not return. We have many repeated and loyal customers who will recommend us, please see our testimonials page for more information and feel free to leave one yourself;)

What do you sell?
Here at CHEMICAL SOLUTION INTERNATIONAL we are the one stop shop for all your plant food research chemical needs and Legal Buds . We offer a variety of plant food research chemicals. Check out our product catalogue page.

How can I pay for large amounts of plant food research chemicals?
You can pay by Post office Wire Transfer, bank transfer or alternative online payment methods. Please contact us for more information and for alternative methods.

Refund policy
We do immediate refunds or replacement of item if the fault generates from us and we must receive item back within 14 days of receipt and the package must be unopened.

How long does delivery take?
Whenever you buy from CHEMICAL SOLUTION INTERNATIONAL your order will come with speed mailing express mail services, this is normally delivered within 2 - 3 working days. We also ship on saturdays since we work half day.

What is your minimum order quantity ?
Our minimum order quantity is 10 g up to 1000 grams and above

Do you offer discounts for repeated customers?
We can offer discounts for repeated customers, usually if ordering large volumes, we have to evaluate your ordering history and go from there.

Do you have all products in stock?
We aim to have all products in stock at all times. Unless otherwise stated on the home page or on the product page then all products are in stock and ready to ship.

Do you take international orders?
Yes, we accept international orders.Please contact us for a shipping quote for your country prior to ordering.

We have yet had no problems shipping to Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.
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