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Diode End-Pump Laser Marking Machine on Electronic Components

Diode End-Pump Laser Marking Machine on Electronic Components
USD 10000.00 - 20000.00
Sintec Laser
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Product Description

Product Features

Air cooling, small size and compact.

TEM00, high beam quality, M²?1.2, can mark fine lines, suitable for high precision marking applications.

Imported Q-switch, narrow pulse width, high peak power, high power stability, subtle thermal ablation.

Using imported module as pumping source, high pumping efficiency, and long lifetime (20,000 hrs).

Laser is airproof via vacuumized, maintenance with convenience, no need to change important accessories.

Low price, higher performance price ratio than other markers.

Main Application:

End-pumped diode laser marking machine is suitable for marking on various materials, such as nylon, ABS, PVC, PES, steel, titanium, copper, plating materials, coating materials, sprayed materials, plastic, rubber, epoxy resin etc. And it can mark character, pattern, batch number, production date, bar code, logo etc. High resolution, pictures and characters elegant. End-pumped diode laser marking machine has excellent performance in different fields, such as cell phone, jewellery, crafts, scribing, film engraving, laser engraving, resistance trimming, distance measuring, scientific research etc. And get the effect that other laser marking machines can’t do.

Technical data:

Items Parameters

wave length 1064nm

Average Output Power 4W@5kHz 6W@10kHz 7W@15kHz 8W@20kHz 10W@CW

Focusing Spot Diameter ~1mm

Laser Beam divergence ?1mrad

Pulse Width 15~30ns

Single Pulse Power 800uJ@5kHz

Peak Power ?50kW@5kHz

Beam Mode TEM00

Beam quality M2 M2?1.2

Modulation Frequency Range 1kHz~30kHz

Stability of Power ?2%

Directivity RMS ?10? rad

Cooling style Air Cooling

Warm-up Time 3~5min

Power Supply 220VAC/50Hz

Ambience 15?~30??Non-condensing?

Marking Area?mm2? 70×70, 110×110,150×150, 175×175

(According to customer’s requirement)

Your attention, please!

We are not only can supply you the whole machinery as above , but also can cooperate with you at a OEM style. What’s more, we can provide you all the key components and systems separately;

Any inquires are welcome!
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