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Lift Table

Lift Table
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Product Description

TITANSUHE's lift table and lift platform are designed to solve your problem related to vertical transfer, height adjustment and lifts. Features with fast raising and lowering, full adjustable down speed, high stop accuracy, our scissor workbench lift table are available with a vertical travel up to 1020mm and capacity available with 300kg, 500kg and 1000kg. The scissor type lift platform can reach maximum 18m which can help to transfer human and tools in upper air to do jobs like installation, maintenance, inspection, cleaning and so on.

Types of Lift Table


Scissor Lift Table

TITANSUHE's lifttables is designed to solve your problem related to vertical transfer, height adjustment and lifts. Features with fast raising and lowering, full adjustable down speed, high stop a...

Scissor Type Elevating Mobile Lift Platform


Scissor Type Elevating Mobile Lift Platform

The scissor type lift platform are used in upper air for installation, maintenance, inspection, cleaning and so on. It can lift both operators and tools up to desire location. The maximum lifting heig...

Types Of Lifting Table Platform

We have scissor type lifting table, aluminum lifting platform, cylinder type lifting table, curved arm type lifting platform, fixed lifting platform, mobile lifting platform, stage lifting platform loading and unloading platform, etc

Lifting Table Platform Application

Scissor fork lifting platform is a special equipment for high-altitude operation with vertical lifting and wide indoor and outdoor applications. It can be widely used for equipment maintenance, indoor and outdoor mechanical installation, equipment maintenance and building maintenance of stations, docks, bridges, halls and plants.

The electric lifting platform is a hydraulic lifting mechanical equipment with automatic walking function. It can move flexibly, operate conveniently and lift freely without external power supply and manual traction under different working conditions. It can complete forward, backward, steering, fast and slow walking, up and down and other actions with only one person, saving labor and effort. It is especially suitable for high-altitude operation in a large range of stations, docks, airports, stadiums, large enterprises and so on.

The stage lifting platform is widely used in professional opera houses, dance theaters and drama theaters. Special shaped products can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of users. The need to quickly change the set; Meet the needs of stage process layout; Meet the needs of choreographers and directors; Create a special atmosphere and effect according to the needs of the plot; Change the form of the stage according to the needs of different performing schools; Vertical transportation of goods, etc; To meet the needs of the performance to the greatest extent.

The curved arm lifting platform is an alternative to the vertical and scissor lifting platform, which is used for indoor and outdoor high-altitude operation. The utility model has the advantages of self walking, self supporting legs, simple operation, convenient use and large working surface, especially can cross certain obstacles or lift at one place, and can carry out multi-point high-altitude operation. It is widely used in large-scale operations such as roads, docks, shopping malls, stadiums, residential properties, factories and mining.

Feature And Advantages Of Different Lifting Table Platform

Features of scissor lift platform: it is mainly used in logistics industry, production line, cargo lifting and loading from basement to floor, as well as lifting stage, lifting console, etc. The product has stable structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safety and efficiency, simple and convenient maintenance.

Features of stage lifting platform: the hydraulic lifting platform has compact and stable structure and can adapt to high-frequency continuous operation. The lifting height is stable, which can meet the stable lifting of large tonnage goods. The hydraulic lifting platform is equipped with a hydraulic system with anti attachment and overload safety protection to ensure safe operation. The roller, ball, rotary table and other countertops of the hydraulic lifting platform can be configured arbitrarily to meet the requirements of different working conditions.

Features of single column aerial work platform: it is suitable for single person climbing operation, single group of high-strength aluminum alloy mast column lifting, with light weight, good mobility and compact structure. It can enter the car and narrow passage of general elevator, special guide rail device between mast columns, stable and free lifting, and double protected leg structure, so that the aerial work platform can work safer and close to the working face. Additional accessories can be provided: auxiliary devices for portal straddle and steps. Power supply: single AC, DC or dual-purpose AC and DC.
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