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changhua, CH
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PCD Diamond Tools & Tungsten Carbide Cutters
Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is formed in a large High Temperature-High Pressure (HT-HP) press, as either a diamond wafer on a backing of carbide, or forming a "vein" of diamond within a carbide wafer or rod.

Most wafers are polished to a mirror finish, then cut with an electrical discharge machining (EDM) tool into smaller, workable segments that are then brazed onto the saw blade, reamer, drill, or other tool. Often they are EDM machined and/or ground an additional time to expose the vein of diamond along the cutting edge. These tools are mostly used for the machining of nonmetallic and nonferrous materials.

Polycrystalline diamond tools are ideal for speed machining in tough and abrasive aluminum alloys, and high-abrasion processes such as carbon-fiber drilling and ceramics. The diamond cutting edges make them last for extended periods before replacement is needed. High volume processes, tight tolerances, and highly abrasive processes are ideal for diamond tooling.

?High grinding efficiency, Low grinding force:
?High wear resistance:
?Long lifespan, Long dressing period:
?Low comprehensive cost:

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*Strong clamping power outruns other that are quick in wearing and loosing precision
*Stringent quality driver brings impressive smooth operation
*Stationary clamp and moving clamp in precise match, firmly stable and does mot wobble
*Quiet and effortless reinforced swivel base with serrated disc and double lock-downs
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Clarelink Co Ltd
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109, Xinpin Road, changhua city
changhua, CH
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