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Ultra high-frequency UHF RFID passive RFID tags normally operate from 860-960 MHz. The data of passive UHF tags are transmitted via far-field radiative coupling and backscatter coupling technology, which means that the RFID reader sends electromagnetic waves to the RFID tag, the energy from the electromagnetic waves go through the tag antenna and activates the chip, balance energy delivers chip data and reflected back through tag antenna to reader via electromagnetic waves in modulated format. Passive UHF tag are most frequently used and do not need a power supply.

Uru Ultra Rugged RFID UHF Label

Uru 10 RFID UHF Label

Uru 20 RFID UHF Label

Uru 30 RFID UHF Label

Tumbler High Temperature UHF RFID Label

Crepak Tumbler UHF RFID tags offer diverse products for on-metal assets tracking, work in process management, equipment life cycle management in a high-temperature environment. The UHF RFID tag manufacturer's tags are used as ultra-high temperature RFID tags which are high heat resistant.

Tumbler 10 UHF RFID Label

Tumbler 20 UHF RFID Label

Tumbler 30 UHF RFID Label

Tumbler 30P UHF RFID Label

Tumbler 40 UHF RFID Label

Tumbler 40P UHF RFID Label

Tumbler 50 UHF RFID Label

Tumbler 50P UHF RFID Label

Saber High Performance UHF RFID Tag

Crepak Saber UHF RFID tags offer diverse products for metal/non-metal assets tracking, RTI management, IT assets management, warehouse management with long reading range.

Saber 10 UHF RFID Tag

Saber 20 UHF RFID Tag

Saber 30 UHF RFID Tag

Saber 40 UHF RFID Tag

Saber 50 UHF RFID Tag

Saber 60 UHF RFID Tag

Saber 70 UHF RFID Tag

Adamnium Practical RFID UHF Tag

Crepak Adamnium UHF RFID tags offer diverse products for metal assets tracking, RTI management and warehouse management with price practical.

Adamnium 10 RFID UHF Tag

Adamnium 20 RFID UHF Tag

Adamnium 30 RFID UHF Tag

Adamnium 40 RFID UHF Tag

Adamnium 51 RFID UHF Tag

Lasso Tamper Proof RFID Tag

Crepak Lasso UHF RFID tags offer diverse products for precious assets management, tree management, pipe/valve management and bag tracking with tamper proof function.

Lasso 10 Tamper Proof RFID Tags

Lasso 20 Tamper Proof RFID Tags

Energon Universal RFID UHF Label

Crepak Energon UHF RFID labels offer diverse products for non-metal assets tracking, RTI management, library/archive management, toll management and other universal RFID application.

Energon 10 UHF Label

Energon 20 UHF Label

Energon 30 UHF Label

Energon 40 UHF Label

Energon 50 UHF Label

Energon 60 UHF Label

Aether On Metal RFID Tags

Aether 10 On Metal RFID Tags

Aether 20 On Metal RFID Tags

Aether 30 On Metal RFID Tags

Aether 40 On Metal RFID Tags

Aether 50 On Metal RFID Tags

Vibranium Durable UHF RFID Tag

Vibranium 10 Passive UHF RFID Tag

Vibranium 20 Passive UHF RFID Tag

Vibranium 30 Passive UHF RFID Tag

Vibranium 40 Passive UHF RFID Tag

Vibranium 50 Passive UHF RFID Tag

Vibranium 60 Passive UHF RFID Tag

Toruk Dual Frequency RFID Tag

Toruk is an RFID tag family which provide both UHF and HF function, can be used for both batch identification and item identification, can be read by UHF reader and HF/NFC reader or mobile phone, which expands its application

Toruk 10

Crepak is one of the world's most expertized RFID company across all RFID technologies. We provide RFID Tags, RFID Readers, ultra high frequency uhf passive rfid tags and so on. Want to know more Please contact us.
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