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Product Description

To build an RFID system, readers and tags are essential components, but for some scenarios, it is not enough, especially for automatic identification, more RFID accessories will be needed. RFID reader integrates with one antenna can only cover a limit range, more antennas are needed to fully cover gate to reduce miss identification, on the other kind, more antenna types are used to extend to a larger area or more stations to reduce hardware cost, after all, RFID antenna is more cost-effective than the reader. Normally RFID antenna is connected to the reader via RFID cable, while the antenna bracket is used to fix the antenna at a specific position and specific direction.

Types of RFID Antenna Accessories

As a professional RFID antenna manufacturer, Crepak offers various RFID antennas, RFID antennas types including circular polarized antenna and linear polarized antenna, can be applicable for asset tracking, warehouse management, automation and work in process management. RFID antennas include Magnus U10, Magnus U20, Magnus U30. RFID accessories include RF cable, antenna bracket, reader protection box, etc, they are used to assist hardware deployment;

What's RFID Antenna Accessories

RFID antenna types are varied from size, gain, identification distance, and polarization mode. The sizing of RFID antenna depend on the scenario and solution design. Generally speaking, the bigger the antenna size, the better Gain it features; for polarization mode, linear polarization antenna can identify at a longer distance but only effective while the tag polarization direction aligns with the antenna polarization direction. Also, near field antenna usually covers near range with strict area and distance.

RFID cable is used to transmit signals between antenna and reader, it is made of high conductive copper and winded with a metal net to reduce signal loss and prevent interference. It can connect antenna up to 100 meters for yard management and can equip with all kinds of connectors to adapt for all readers,

To gain the best performance, antenna position and direction need to be adjusted, a flexible bracket can be used to fix the antenna, normally they are 4 axes or 6 axes adjustable, it is always made of aluminum or steel for long term use in an outdoor and indoor environment.

Crepak is an RFID antenna China supplier and the company has a lineup of antennas and accessories for the use of different industries.

Crepak RFID Antenna and Accessories Advantage:

With more than 10 years of experience in the RFID industry, Crepak has been a professional RFID supplier serving big companies in multiple industries. The RFID antenna company can provide RFID hardware solutions for assets management, work in process management, logistsupply management, tool management, etc, we have our know-how for solution design, pilot setup, volume deployment and solution upgrade. Our Antenna and accessories are advanced in:

Versatile Antenna Accessories

As a RFID antenna China manufacturer, Crepak offer various RFID antenna and accessories for different application, they are designed based on our rich experience in real using case, convenient to install and operate. customers can easily find fixable custom RFID products for specific applications.

Use Cases of Antenna Accessories

Crepak RFID antenna and accessories have been deployed in many projects, it is proven high performance and reliable.

Practical Antenna Accessories

As a professional RFID antenna company in China, Crepak serves products that are widely used in multiple applications, based on our scalable volume, our readers are practical and affordable.
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