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Product Description

RFID readers are also known as RFID scanners. At, the rfid reader supplier's RFID readers for sale can be divided into three types: LF RFID reader, HF RFID reader, UHF RFID reader. The RFID reader is the bridge connecting the virtual world and the physical world, it is used to identify and encode RFID tag, its operation principle is via an electromagnetic inductive coupling or far-field radiative coupling, it generates electromagnetic and the energy within electromagnetic wave activates RFID tags, the data in the tag chip then be modulated and reflect back via electromagnetic inductive field or wave, the reader receives, processes and sends it to the backend computing system.

Types of RFID Readers for Sale

Crepak offers various RFID readers, including fixed reader, handheld reader and desktop reader, covering LF, HF and UHF frequency, suitable for industrial or commercial use, widely used in the animal identification, asset tracking, logisticsupply chain management, work in process management, MRO management and other applications.

By Frequency

By Operation Mode

By Range

Long Range RFID Reader

Long range RFID Reader just as its name implies is a reader can read and write RFID tags in long distance, it normally adapts UHF technology, equips with high sensitive reader module, and high gain an...

Medium Range RFID Reader

Medium range RFID Reader just as its name implies is a reader can read and write RFID tags in medium range, In some scenario, reader needs to read tag at medium range, if it reads at long range, other...

Short Range RFID Reader

Short range RFID Reader just as its name implies is a reader can read and write RFID tags in short range, In ticketing, payment and authentication and some specific scenario, reader needs to read tag ...

RFID Scanner for Sale

Generally, RFID readers are composed of reader module and antenna, in some cases, the antenna is integrated into RFID reader device and for other user cases, antennas are deployed separately to cover more areas and gain better performance. Due to its unparalleled features, there are a growing number of RFID reader manufacturers for you to make your own buying decisions, Crepak is one of those that deliver the greatest performance.

Crepak has various RFID scanners for sale, including RFID readers of LF, HF, UHF frequency, short, medium and long-range with fixed, handheld, and desktop types for your consideration.

Advantage of Crepak RFID Readers for Sale:

With more than 10 years of experience, Crepak has been specialized in RFID readers, providing various forms of LF, HF, UHF readers to big companies in various industries around the world. Our RFID readers are advanced in:

Versatile RFID Readers

Crepak RFID Readers offers application flexibility and are developed for most demanding applications, customers can easily find fixable custom RFID products for specific application.

Use Cases of RFID Readers

Crepak RFID Readers have been deployed in many projects, it is proven reliable and good performance.

Practical RFID Readers

Crepak RFID readers are widely used in multiple applications, based on our scalable volume, our readers are practical and affordable.

Crepak is one of the world's most expertized RFID company across all RFID technologies. We provide RFID Tags, RFID Readers, rfid hardware and so on. Want to know more Please contact us.
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