Croxxmore Medical Device Co.,Ltd
Croxxmore Medical Device Co.,Ltd
Room 21B05, No.360 Hengtong Road, Zhabei District
shanghai, SG
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CROXXMORE Medical Device(CMD) specializes in the import and export of medical apparatus and instruments. We have a number of cooperative production bases which specialize in producing disposable polymers medical apparatus and instruments. The company’s leading products include oxygen therapy series, transfusion series, injection series, arterial and venous cannula with flowswitch series, catheter series, medical bag series, suction series, valve series, Hospital Patient ID Wristband series, gynecological medical consumables, Pill box, flexible air permeable non-woven fabrics series, etc. The output of medical catheter products tops the list. Having passed the ISO13485 Certification, CE Certification and US FDA Registration, now the company is in a booming stage. We have world-class production equipment and full performance testing equipment.
To replenish our current product manufacturing business, we also provide Medical Device Consulting Service specializing in professional medical regulatory sourcing consulting, market research, logistics, facility audit, exhibition service, translation/interpretation, in-country representation, product development and quality systems consulting services. With a dedicated team of experts working on your behalf, we can create a tailored program suiting your requirements and needs.

Partners: so far, the company has set up a powerful supplier system. We always pay attention to the resource integration between our upstream and downstream partners. We have good manufacturers in long-standing partnership with us in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong and other regions as our production bases. All the manufacturers have the ability of design and production integration, as well as corresponding qualifications, to provide guarantees for our company’s trade.

Business distribution: we have trade partners in US, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Czech Republic, Russia, Iran, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, and Japan, including some famous international companies. The Company is making effort to become the bridge and medium for more enterprises to purchase goods.

Management Strategy: the company always regards development, innovation and common improvement as the theme of management. Through continuous management innovation, we were the first to succeed in the low-cost expansion attempt. We established a reasonable production and management strategic pattern, carried out brand value management and e-commerce competition strategy, and implemented the sustainable circular ecological chain operation pattern, to promote the company’s development in all aspects.

Company Philosophy: one action is better than one hundred empty words. We speak with action and facts.

Company Objective: to integrate global information and resources to build a “global demand system”, and make it available to everyone and benefit everyone.

Company Aim: Across the world more cooperation; through our efforts to make the whole world cooperate closer, and make us prosper and coexist in harmony.

1. Innovation
Every high quality innovation is to care your health.
2. Simplicity
The operation is simple, but the production technology is not simple.
3. Efficiency
Every second counts. Your health is our eternal pursuit and commitment.
4. Responsibility
Warm technology makes health cover every corner of the world.
5. Safety
Let our safe medical products take care of you and your family’s health.
6. Cooperation
Brave the wind and waves, We sails forward hand in hand with you.
7. Expertise
Expertise is worth trust. We creates green health with our expertise.

5 Values:
We can succeed only if we help our customers succeed first
Sharing the same goal with our customers, we help them finish projects and make profits. When everything is fulfilled, Ours success will come.
We can attract talents only if we pursue perfection
We stick to the sustainable development mode no matter in what kind of service or business, and provide enterprise service with heart and soul. Only perfect work can bring perfect success.
We can win instant success only if we are united
Our staff are of one mind and united as one. Our interpersonal relations are simple and harmonious. Everything is open and transparent. We approach to the modern business management system and stick to human-based management.
We can become invincible only if we respect talents
We unite and respect every employee while creating a harmonious big family, to provide the staff with good training opportunities and competitive welfare and salaries in the industry. Honor or disgrace, rise or fall, our staff stay with the company and share the development result of the company.
We can gain eternal vitality only if we seize opportunities
We pay close attention to state policies and the investment climate. In face of new development opportunities, we set n
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Company Name:
Croxxmore Medical Device Co.,Ltd
Registered Address:
Room 21B05, No.360 Hengtong Road, Zhabei District
shanghai, SG