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Thrust Ball Bearings

Thrust Ball Bearings
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Product Description

DALIAN GUANGYAGN BEARING CO., LTD with the trademark “ZWA” is a professional thrust bearing supplier who focuses on producing different types of ball bearings and roller bearings with high quality. 

Thrust ball bearings is one of the rotary ball bearings. It owns the same features of other ball bearings, i.e permitting rotation among the parts.Thrust ball bearing is composed by housing ring, shaft ring, cage and balls. ZWA Bearings manufacture tbb bearing for different applications, especially in steel making, mining and cement industry. The ring match with the shaft is called shaft ring and the one matched with the housing is called housing ring. Those parts are separable and assembled on the shaft while in application.This kind of bearing can only bear axial load not subjected to any radial load. If in high speed application, oil lubrication is a must.

Depending on different load capacity, ZWA’s thrust ball bearings include single direction and double direction ones. For the one direction thrust ball bearing, it consist of a shaft ring, a housing ring , cage and balls. It can bear one direction axial load. For double direction thrust bearing, it consist of one shaft ring, two housing rings, two-row balls and cage. Those two housing rings and cage components of double direction thrust ball bearing are almost the same to those of single direction thrust bearing. It can bear axial loads in two directions. The shaft ring match with the shaft and the mounting surface of housing ring is a kind of spherical bearing which owns the aligning function. Those function can reduce the affect error in mounting.

The cages of ZWA’s thrust ball bearings are usually pressed steel and machined brass ones and in ZWA, the thrust ball bearings are usually served in pairs. If you are looking for a special bearing design for your equipment, please keep in mind that ZWA’s engineering team are at your service.

Features of thrust ball bearings

Separable and interchangeable due to inner design

Bear the original misalignment

Bear high axial load capacity

Interference fit allowed

Application of thrust ball bearings

Metals, pumps, hook of crane, centrifuge, reducers, mining and cement
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