Decadent Vapours
Decadent Vapours
Unit 14 Clarion Court
Llansamlet Enterprise Park
Swansea, SWAN
United Kingdom
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All our e-liquids are produced using the hightest quality pharma-grade nicotine which complies with the USP and EP specifications, are prepared and produced in the UK using the highest quality EU-sourced ingrediants, are stringently batch controlled ensuring accountable quality in every bottle and are specifically formulated to be ultra-low in non-volatiles. They are certified DEG and diacetyl-free.
We are founder members of ECITA (The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association,) and are regularly audited and inspected by them, to ensure that the highest standards of product quality is maintained and responsible manufacturing procedures adhered to.


Since we started in 2009, our brand has become globally recognised in the vaping community, and our consistent high quality and vibrant flavour range have proved enduringly popular. We can supply resellers with a huge range 'off-the-shelf' DV-branded, flavoured e-liquids in all popular sizes and strenghts. Or we supply custom formulations for your own branding, using any of several glycol bases (PG/Propylene, VG/glycerol or PEG/polyethylene glycol 400). Packaging options range from 5ml bottles to 1000L IBCs - if you need it, we can supply it.
Whether you want ready-to-spell product, bulk juice for filling cartomizers, or the highest quality flavour concentrates, diluents and nicotine stock solutions available, for your own blending operations, we can deliver.
Our Flavour Devolpment Team can work with you to formulate new flavours to your precise requirements, or to replicate existing ones, and our inhouse Design Team offers custom labelling and packaging solutions to make sure your product stands out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.


To learn more, email or telephone us on 01792 773339. Should you wish, you are welcome by arrangement to visit us, to discuss your requirements, view our facilities, and sample our products. They're not just good - they're decadent.
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Decadent Vapours
United Kingdom
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Unit 14 Clarion Court, Llansamlet Enterprise Park
Swansea, SWAN