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Xanthan Gum, Welan Gum DSTA Gum Applications

Xanthan Gum, Welan Gum  DSTA Gum Applications
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Product Description

Gums can be applied to a wide variety of fields, from the bakery, personal care, medical to industrial use. As one of the most professional xanthan gum manufacturers, Deosen provides Ziboxan® Xanthan gum in the following fields. Click on the image to view more about each field.

Deosen Products in Industrial Applications

The application of Deosen Zibozan® in ceramics, dyeing, printing, coatings, paints and colorful glaze

Deosen Zibozan® Xanthan Gum can improve product which products containing xanthan gum, fluidity in common latex paints and water-tight water-based paints. Xanthan gum can suspend pigments and make the painting surface smooth and even when painting it on a vertical plane. Xanthan gum can effectively control paint or coatings, maintain its diffusion, and effectively prevent sinking. It can effectively improve and adjust the performance of concrete, reduce the water consumption of concrete, or increase the fluidity of concrete by maintaining the water consumption. It can adjust concrete setting time; suspended solids and ceramic glaze. Xanthan gum makes it have good liquidity. Excessive spraying can be controlled by reducing the fog bubble to prevent the glaze from sinking and losing shape. For colorful glazes, it can maintain good control over various colors.

long with the continuous requirements on environmental protection, paints have also begun to experience improvements from oily to water-based ones. Oil change to water is the general trend. Along with the joint research of upstream and downstream industries and the pressure of national environmental protection policies the new environmental protection law was introduced on Jan, 1st, 2015. The government levies a 4% consumption tax on coatings with VOC contents which exceed 420 g/l. It is believed that the water-based coating industry will achieve rapid development, especially in comparison with the situation in developed countries, the market for water-based coatings in Japan, Europe and the United States accounts for over 60%. And from the second half of 2014 to 2015, paint manufacturers have found that consumers began to actively choose water-based coatings. The application volume and scope of xanthan gum will become larger and larger, which occupying an increasing market share.

Xanthan Gum in Health, Personal Care Cosmetic Applications


Mix water-soluble resins such as Deosen Zibozan® Xanthan gum and dextrin with fragrances, then mix them with super absorbent resins, then we can make deodorant which emits fragrance after absorbing water.

The application of Deosen Zibozan® in foam fire extinguishing agents, insecticides, fertilizers, and other fields. The gel and foam fire extinguishing agents that adopt Deosen Zibozan® Xanthan Gum as a raw material have been widely used in forest fire extinguishing, organic solvents transparent, colorless liquid, and other chemicals. After adding Deosen Zibozan® xanthan gum, it has the setting and anti-solvent effects; it can be made into flame retardant with other flame retardant substances.

Deosen Zibozan® Xanthan Gum can be used as a suspending agent for insecticides and fertilizers. During spraying, it can control its drifting and adhesion perfectly, it can extend the validity period. It is a good stabilizer for agricultural chemicals.

Xanthan Gum in Medical Field Applications

Applications/uses of xanthan gum are as follows:

Pharmaceutical Excipient

Xanthan gum was included in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia as a pharmaceutical excipient in 2010. Compared with other gums and suspending agents, pharmaceutical grade xanthan gum has high viscosity especially significant at low concentrations, strong rheology and pseudoplastic, excellent stability, acid and alkali resistance, enzyme resistance, good compatibility and adaptability with various solvents, and safe and non-toxic characteristics. As a result, xanthan gum has very good pharmaceutical applications.

Xanthan gum is a functional component that is popular among microcapsule drugs in the international sections, which plays an important role in controlling the sustainable release of drugs. Due to its own strong hydrophilicity and water retention, there are many specific medical operations and applications, such as forming a dense water film to avoid skin infections; reducing the thirst of patients after radiotherapy. Xanthan gum itself can significantly enhance humoral immune function. The application in medicine is as a stabilizer, which can be used in various suspension concentrations and emulsifiers, such as vitamin emulsifiers to avoid delamination caused by temperature rise. Xanthan gum is easily soluble in cold water, making it is easier to make solution preparation. As a thickener, xanthan gum can be used to make tablets that can extend the contact time with other additives.
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